Club wrestling, generally considered the foundation for youth who continue on to become State and OVAC Champions, is different from Small-Fry in several regards. The first distinction is that the team will compete with other club organizations from outside of and around, the Greater Wheeling area. Travel is REQUIRED and all travel arrangments are the responsibility of the wrestler’s guardian. Often there are organized car pools open to any team member(s). All tournaments are NOT mandatory; however, we wil select three or four to be designated as mandatory in an effort to make a strong team showing. The competition is generally at a higher level but on the same hand, so are the rewards. Some of these tournaments will offer an open round and a novice round. The novice tournaments are designed for wrestlers with one to two years experience. Generally both rounds will take place on the same weekend and our staff will be present for both. The second distinction between Small-Fry and the Club is the level of instruction provided to the wrestlers. Although the general focus of our instruction is geared towards building a strong basic foundation, we do begin to introduce more advanced styles and bout strategy.

Practices will be held three times weekly, a schedule yet to be determined, at Wheeling Park High School. These practices will be closed to parents so that the concentraion level of the wrestlers is more focused. This is important because we will be providing instruction that is more advanced and more rigorous. We will continue upon the basics already provided while developing more advanced moves and raising the level of intensity. The season will culminate with a trip to Parkersburg, WV for the State Championships. We have produced several state champions and approximately 20 place winners in the last two years alone.

We look forward to a strong season and proving to this Valley and surrounding areas that Wheeling Wrestling is a standard by which all other programs should be measured. Feel free to approach any of the Small-Fry coaches with questions or concerns.